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The Manhood Test by Tony Lavelle. An absolutely believable and unreservedly scathing indictment of our deteriorating social norms and declining state of Manhood in Tony Lavelle’s revolutionary new book, The Manhood Test. He has authored the definitive work that will help any guy who really wants it, to become a Man. Tony’s book is unlike any other on the subject of Manhood. Specifically, he defined candidly what a Man is. Also, true to the title, the author designed a series of legitimate manhood tests that can be administered to any male. The first test, for instance, when scored, will determine if the boy is, or is not, a mature & responsible Adult … and a Man. Other tests in the book can be used to validate whether a guy is also a good citizen, husband, and father.

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"Our great nation is secretly suffering from a national epidemic infecting nearly all our guys-Pussification Syndrome (PS). PS induces males-well into their 30s-to display behavior that is dishonorable, cowardly, spineless, lazy, whiny, or simply unbecoming a man. A male infected with Pussification Syndrome is referred to as a 'pussy,' or by the modernistic term used by young adults, 'bitch.' Manhood is declining. There are less Men, and far too many Bitches." Anthropology detective Tony Lavelle smacks the readers up side the head with his provocative and explicit book on Manhood, "Are You a Man, or a Bitch?" Tony declares categorically he has uncovered a brand new disease that is making our young adult males sick, preventing them from becoming Men and mature adults. Pussification Syndrome sucks the testosterone right out of their sacks, turning them into bitches. The good news is that Tony's detective work has paid off. His validated cure to PS is in the book as well. "Are You a Man, or a Bitch," is hilarious, offensive, and inappropriate. It's perfect for the college crowd. Tony says most college boys are bitches anyway. So he plans to make them the first group to be cured of PS, transforming them into Men and mature and responsible Adults. LADIES-there is a short test in this book. In 15 minutes you can find out of that guy you fell in love with is a Man, or a bitch. You need to know.


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