Featured Title: THE MANHOOD TEST
by Tony Lavelle

“Instead of becoming Men when they reach the age of adulthood, our boys remain sniveling, whining little babies. Under our very noses, our young adult males are failing in greater numbers to reach Manhood.”

An absolutely believable and unreservedly scathing indictment of our deteriorating social norms and declining state of Manhood in Tony Lavelle’s revolutionary new book, The Manhood Test. He has authored the definitive work that will help any guy who really wants it, to become a Man. Tony’s book is unlike any other on the subject of Manhood. Specifically, he defined candidly what a Man is. Also, true to the title, the author designed a series of legitimate manhood tests that can be administered to any male. The first test, for instance, when scored, will determine if the boy is—or is not—a mature & responsible Adult … and a Man. Other tests in the book can be used to validate whether a guy is also a good citizen, husband, and father. For the ladies, who are tired of kissing so many toads searching for her prince, Tony has devised an easy 20 question “Pre-Husband Test.” In 10 minutes, she can evaluate any guy to determine if he is authentic “husband material worth a wedding,” or just another toad. Complete with skill checklists and detailed instructions as to how to train and prepare males to pass the tests, The Manhood Test is as insightful as it is practical in teaching any boy or young adult male to be a Man.

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